About Nonnon

At night, it transforms the city...
Into an Urban Art Gallery

Julien NONNON works on many artistic projects in which he associates kinetic installations, digital creations and Street Video-Mapping .

He intervenes with the support of his team within the framework of exhibitions (in galleries and museums), works with the cultural services of cities, festivals and event structures such as: the Night of the Museums, the White Night and the Heritage Days.

He is also consulted by major brands and advertisers to create customized content for launch projects, activations and communication devices.

The artist is also entrusted with the artistic direction for the creation of perennial digital works for large-scale architectural projects.

Finally, he is the co-founder of the creative studio Le3 based in Paris and Geneva whose work is at the intersection of art, design, performance and image. This agency produces unique visual experiences and creates brand stories through innovative concepts and digital "Out of Home" experiences.


A participative digital art experience!

The artist proposes to revisit the city through different types of Street-Art. From ephemeral performances to long-lasting light installations, through interactive and participative projects for a large audience, Julien NONNON provides, with the support of his team, turnkey events. His work also consists in customizing and realizing creations according to the theme of the desired event, thus allowing a close artistic collaboration with organizations, institutions, inhabitants, and all the actors of the local life. Having for objective to bring a touch of poetry and wonder in the public space, Julien NONNON seeks to offer a unique and playful cultural experience at the same time.

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