What is Video-Mapping?


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What is Video-Mapping?

Digital installations, such as Video-Mapping, flourish as much in digital arts festivals as in communication events. They can be found in museums, galleries, train stations, airports, nightclubs, shop windows, streets, etc.

Digital art, Video-Mapping allows to project images in very large format on facades, using and playing on the 3D volumes offered by the architectural support. With his team, the street-artist Julien NONNON is a master in this field and illuminates city walls with his monumental digital frescoes

Art in the city, that's what Julien NONNON proposes, with his luminous frescoes, which at nightfall, give life to buildings and facades, recreating a social dialogue and promoting an even stronger bond of proximity with the city and its inhabitants.

It is in this creative process that the artist wishes to share his experiences by proposing innovative video-projection shows (in mobile and ephemeral format, or in permanent installation), where the city is transformed into a playful and accessible urban art gallery for all! 

Julien NONNON's luminous frescoes have won over scenographers, event organizers, and above all, the public... So why not integrate them in the heart of your city?

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URBAN SAFARI : A Street-Art path - Mobile Projections

Conceived as an ephemeral show, for one or more evenings, the artist projects his creations within the framework of a predefined route. The public is invited to follow him and to play the game of this new kind of nocturnal wandering, where at the bend of an alley, you may come face to face with a lion wearing a "suit and tie"... That's all the surprises an URBAN SAFARI can hold for you.

The departure of the course, articulated in several stages, is generally made of a central place, meeting point of the participants (explanation of the course, distribution of leaflets, etc...), where will be projected, with the liking of the artist, these anthropomorphic characters in the streets of the city. From this performance, Julien NONNON makes a series of photographs and invites the spectators to reappropriate the city, to make the street a new space of creation and sharing.

Each city has its own URBAN SAFARI and its emblematic characters, since the artist personalizes his works according to his inspiration. The city then becomes his field of expression, a place rich in possibilities and exceptional encounters.

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"I LOVE MY CITY!" From the journey to the long-term installation.

"I Love my City" is a participatory street art project aimed at the local population, which can take the form of a journey or a long-term installation.

Calling on the inhabitants or residents is the key to the success of a collaborative and interactive project. By choosing a wide range of people representing the inhabitants of the city and its region, we create a simple and accessible dialogue through illuminated frescoes at nightfall, in line with cultural, social and environmental guidelines. To simply make the local population aware that the city belongs to them and who better than its inhabitants to represent its colors and richness!

Thus, our ambition, through the realization of a series of portraits, is to see the population invest in this project, that it reappropriates the places, by being an integral part of the accessible and stimulating digital artworks, which represent them and which value the city, its heritage, the cultural partners, etc.

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We support you in your project

Preliminary study

Feasibility study, theme, scouting, etc.


Press relations, casting calls, RS posts, etc.


Ephemeral performance or installation of long-lasting device(s).

Post event

Débriefing, dossier de presse, exposition, merchandising.

An all-inclusive event

Julien Nonnon's teams offer you to go even further in the realization of artistic courses, by offering you a range of activities making your event unforgettable​

  • Goodies
    Production of a series of derivative products in the colors of the event: T-Shirts, caps, masks, magazines, badges, etc.

  • A photo exhibition
    Exhibition of the Artist - Art Prints.

  • Game contest
    #SAFARI and a selection of the most beautiful photos taken by the participants (exhibition, web publications)

  • Educational Workshops on Digital Art
    Presentation of the different forms of Digital Street Art to young audiences in schools. Children are brought to participate in the creation process of the Safari (coloring, collage, choice of characters, interaction with the artist, etc.)

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The amplification of the operation on the Digital part: Communication & Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Tik Tok are different ways to make the project live and to make it radiate in France and abroad.

These new media have locals and tourists interacting through the creation of an official #hashtag (likes, comments, followers or photos issued on Instagram).

During the different phases of the project, content will be produced (official logo, photos, videos, GIF images, contests...) and posted on the different platforms in order to create some excitement around your event!

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